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The study to analyze the performance of a particular investment for a given investor is known as investment analysis. It is also known as the study of the past decisions made for a particular investment made.

An investment once made cannot be taken back so it is essential that it should be made after a complete thought process keeping in mind the expected return and the reasons to make the decision. For instance in making an investment in a mutual fund the factors that must be analyzed includes the performance of similar funds, management stability and asset allocation. An investment made by a beginner shall always be made a good analysis of because learning from the past increases the chances of profit maximization. It also creates the chances of making fewer mistakes in making an investment decision. It is very easy to loose the money however for a profitable investment research and investment analysis of similar sorts is recommended. For a beginner it is also advised that the help of a investment analyst must be taken so as to decrease the chances of loss.

The main idea behind hiring a person to make the investment analysis is that he can research on the company if you are interested in making an investment in it. Meetings can be set with the management in small groups or by attending the conferences to identify the weak points and the reliability prospects of that company. However it must be kept in mind that such type of investment analysis is now treated as illegal. The main benefits that you can get from hiring a investment analyst is that he can read the financial statements, sales, tax declaration, stock prices and credibility so that your investment minimizes loss and your chances of successful and long term investment increases.

In order to make a sound investment it is vital that either you are small investor or a big corporation, steps should be taken from your end or by hiring a professional to analyze your idea and the effects that it might have on your investment.

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