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An appraiser is a person who appraises something. An appraiser is a professional who is certified to estimate the worth or value of some item or thing. An appraiser is needed to appraise assets and properties to set value to them. They are also needed to estimate the value of assets of businesses. Appraisers are individuals and they work independently to estimate the worth of assets and properties including business assets. They are needed for the preparation of the valuation of a business by making use of the physical review, financial analysis and comparing the business with other similar businesses in the industry.

An appraiser is licensed and certified by the state regulatory boards of the state where he or she practices. He or she should also work in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Different types of appraisers

Appraisers are needed not only for appraising any particular asset or property but for appraising and estimating the value of a lot of assets and properties. Therefore, there are many types of appraisers and each of them is specialized in appraising a particular type of asset and property. That is, an appraiser who specializes in assessing and finding the value of assets of a business with the motive of sale will usually not deal with appraising intangible assets and intellectual property. On the basis of what an appraiser specializes, they are divided into various types and they are as follows:

1) A real estate or home or property appraiser – for finding the value of a property or home or real estate, this type of appraisers are needed. They assess the home or property and evaluate their market value. This type of appraisal is usually done for selling the property or for the purpose of getting loan.

2) A business appraiser – a business appraiser assesses the assets of a business and finds their value and this is usually needed at the time of selling or for some other purposes.

3) An equipment appraiser – they evaluate the equipments for the purpose of sale.

4) Other type of appraisers include those, who are specialized in dealing with intellectual property like trademark, copyright, patents, etc and intangible assets.

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