Human Resource Management

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What is Human Resource Management?

Human Resource Management is important for every company, as it helps in organizing the recruitment process within a company. Human resource management is not limited just to the recruitment process alone, but also helps in managing the employees and also help in providing the necessary guidance that is required by the people employed with a given organization.

By definition, Human Resource Management is the process within in the organization that helps in dealing with employment, benefits, development of organization, calculations relating to compensations and hiring, helping in motivating the employees that work for the company by guiding them by promoting their strengths and improving their weaknesses, communication skills and training.

A good Human Resource Management is important to every company, as the work culture and environment is based on how well the Human Resource management department helps every employee bring out his or her best in the work place. Unlike how HRM was limited to only the recruitment process alone, nowadays it is important to have a good human resource management team for effective functioning of a company by achieving the goals and objectives set by the company.

Processes of Human Resource Management

Every organization works together as a team to achieve a common goal. Execution and implementation of different strategies to achieve this goal is established with the help of the HRM. To plan these effective strategies, the Human Resource Management department assesses situations and provides with strategies needs a lot of consideration that goes through the following processes:

1. Human Resource Planning: This process is a assemblage of recruiting, selecting, hiring and training and development. The process of recruiting aims at attracting prospective employees to the organization; selection has many sub processes where employees are filtered based on their qualifications that match closely with what is required by the organization. Hiring is selection of candidates that have been filtered, and these employees are then trained and their skills are developed.

2. Employee remuneration and benefits administration: This process helps in deciding the annual remuneration that is given to an employee based on his or her previous experiences, including the benefits, allowances and other bonuses.

3. Performance Management: this process helps in providing all the necessary training that is required by employee to work with the organization

4. Employee relations: It is the duty of the HRM to try and retain as many employees as possible, and that is possible with the HRM making sure that they provide with better opportunities and facilities to the employees. 

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