Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Chief operating officer (COO) is one of the top-ranking officials in the management hierarchy of a company. The role of the COO in the company is to run the day-to-day operations of the company and report them to the higher management of the company, i.e. board of directors (BOD).

Role of the COO

The COO of the company is one of the executive directors of the company, and this person is the part of the board of the directors of the company. The position of COO is one of the most influential positions in the board, and this director is the second-in-command in the company. This officer is usually referred to as the director of operations or a president of the company. Since reporting the daily operations of the company on a routinely basis to the chairman and CEO is the duty of COO, this officer is usually in command of most of the operations of the company. A COO of the company has operating managers in his command who reports to him or her and then COO issue instructions to them to carry out. In the absence of the CEO of the company, the COO is the highest-ranking authority of the company, and it is his or her duty to run the company.

The role and duties of COO are subject to the situation of the company. Since the COO is the second to the CEO, the duties of the COO usually depend on how CEO operates. The duties of COO can change with the change of the CEO. In addition, the role of the COO changes from the company to the company as the operations of one company can never match with the others.

Therefore, it is not easy to become a successful COO of a company. The role of COO in the company is the most crucial one. This role is also one of those roles that are tricky to master. If the COO of the company fails to perform his role in a satisfactory manner, it can lead a company towards the failure. It is also very necessary to have a relationship of trust flanked by the CEO and COO of the company. 

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