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Coaching is a very common term and means getting training or teaching to attain a specific personal or professional goal. It involves a gentleman with great experience who uses his expertise to provide guidance and advice to other people of the same profession.

Application of Coaching

Professional coaching is not a simple job but involves high professional skill as well as good communication skills. Coaching has proved to be very beneficial to train new comers and help them achieve the highest level of professionalism in short periods of time. In fact, coaching helps intermingling experience of coaches and energy and fitness of clients. Coaching can be applied in a number of fields but better would be to say almost all fields can be benefitted from coaching. Some very well known coaching application area:

  • Life Coaching

Life coaching includes guidance and training provided to people to identify their qualities and goals and achieve these. A life coach may use various ways like positive adult development, career counseling, inspirational aspects of various disciplines and other types of mentoring.

  • Business Coaching

Business coaching aims at providing support, feedback and suggestions for a single person or group of people to enhance personal effectiveness in a business setting. Various types of business coaching are: executive coaching; corporate coaching; and leadership coaching.

  • Career Coaching

The main objective of career coaching is to improve working ability and efficiency of a worker for grooming in his profession. In addition, career coaching also deals with issues related to careers. Career coaching is different from life coaching as it focuses on work and career whereas life coaching concentrates on personality development.

  • Sports Coaching

Sports coaching involves coaching an individual or a team of athletes. This type of coaching includes teaching, supervising, instructing and training on-field and off-field. A sports coach must be well aware of the components of that particular game and better to have previous experience of participating in it.

  • Financial Coaching

A relatively new form of coaching is financial coaching which educates and trains clients about attaining their financial goals.  

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