Ethics, Exams and Experience Central to the Development of The Global Accountancy Profession, Says ACCA Fellow and Managing Partner BDO Egypt, Mohnad Khaled (FCCA)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 Print Email

At an event of World Bank, Mr Khaled, a fellow member of ACCA and Head of BDO Egypt, said ethics have an extreme level of importance in Accounting and stressed over the requirement of highest standards of ethics and practice to be at the core of the profession. Capacity building efforts carried on by ACCA for the betterment of profession for more than thirty years were also highlighted by Mr. Khaled in his presentation.

Event conducted in Cairo by The World Bank brought together the key representatives of Egyptian accounting profession including representatives from ESAA, Syndicate of Accountants, Ministry of Finance and other related stakeholders to discuss ways of strengthening Small Medium Enterprise auditors and accountants in Egypt.

Mr. Khaled in his presentation said that embedding ethics in accountancy is of great importance as this profession is ranked as one of the most respected professions irrespective of the fact that someone is working for a small medium enterprise or for a large entity. Further, in order to add to public value the accountancy profession needs to express highest standards of ethical conduct.

Mr. Khaled highlighted the importance of establishing a sustainable profession of accountancy, one that is in order to legislative framework and international standards. Training, CPD and Professional education are relevant to this sustainability.

At the end Mr. Khalid emphasized the need for partnerships to make this profession strong. He further said that this cannot be achieved alone and for this reason ACCA collaborates with global bodies like the World Bank and IFAC and looks for developing strong and long term partnerships with other similar professional bodies.

He concluded by realizing the efforts the World Bank is putting in for the sustainability and growth of accountancy bodies and that ACCA is dedicated to work with professional bodies of Egypt and other stakeholders to achieve their growth objectives.

Source: ReadyRatios

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