Ways of Becoming a Promotable and Indispensable Accounting Employee

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Most employees in the present day’s American culture anticipate that one day they shall become part of the higher management. Even then, the path to achieving this is difficult and lengthy and even when promoted, one is still required to perform lower level works. Ernst and Young conducted a study in the year 2002 and found that 36 % of CFOS from some of the big international organizations held posts in non directorships positions. The proportion went up to 46 % after ten years.

To make matters even more challenging, most positions in management are not filled from within the organization. That being the case, one may use the following tactics in order to ensure that you get noticed for upper management position.

Be Sociable

Even though you may have mastered a wide range of analytical as well as technical skills while being an accountant, you may also require developing such soft skills as effective communication and social skills with executives and clients well. If you do not have strong communication skills, one may join an altruistic organization or join social media networks and engage with stockholders, other accountants and upper management type so that you gather feedback regarding your communication and leadership skills.

Think Broadly

Do not limit yourself to the company alone; executives tend to look at the bigger picture. They would want to know the direction in which the company is headed to. This is in terms of profitability, measure, the profit trends, means of cost reduction and revenue increase.

Go an Extra Mile

One should demonstrate that he can go the distance just like other CFOs have done. One needs to go beyond what his duty calls for and not being afraid to suggest new ideas.

Predict risks well in advance

It is important to be able to identify the possibility of risks when they are coming. One needs to identify the ways and means in which the company may suffer from financial crises as well as embezzlement.

Demonstrate confidence

Your input should be readily quantified after demonstrating necessary insights to your organization’s revenue, costs and risks.


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