Accountants: Be the Leader who Accelerates the Business

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 Print Email

Great leaders are those who realize that they possess certain leadership skills and hone them with the passage of time. In order to become an effective leader, one must start off by identifying the most significant traits that act as the founding pillars of an efficient leadership.

Strong leadership is an amalgamation of implementing scientific information and art of managing people. Accountants who possesses leadership qualities would lead the firm and businesses. They are the eyes and ears of owners of big giants.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality,” states Warren Bennis, an American scholar. Leaders think and behave differently. To inspire, one must: be, know and do. These traits don’t come naturally alone, but are acquired through constant and laborious efforts.

The core elements of their leadership are timeless, such as the ability to set direction and create followership, but for future leaders, organizational success will lie in understanding what it truly means to be an inclusive leader.

Our expertise as accountants will help us traverse the rough terrain of global shifts, as it has in the past. Accountancy profession is facing winds of challenge as we design global strategies for business and for the accounting profession. As leaders of the accountancy profession, professional accountancy bodies has undertaken a responsibility to embed in its members, the core values i.e. integrity, reliability, independence, and accountability which must lie at the heart of any successful and sustainable business; ensuring that such values remain an fundamental element of their members’ work, never becoming viewed as optional extras, secondary to profit and acquisition. This noble profession is a responsibility, which our members seek to discharge with commitment, perseverance, aptitude and uprightness.

The president of World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Peter Bakker recently said at UN Conference that it is “the accountants who are going to save the world. To get all businesses involved in solving the world’s toughest problems, we must change the accounting rules.” This is not a matter of incremental change, but a radical transformation. And it’s the accountants who will lead the way.

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