Conflict Management Between Marketing & Finance Department

Tuesday, December 6, 2016 Print Email

Almost all organizations, regardless of their length, have one common place goal, i.e. to generate money or to earn a profit that must be sufficient for his or her survival and boom. But regrettably inter -organizational conflicts wipe out this last objective. In maximum organizations, attention diverts from organization level to the divisional or departmental level and the company in their board meeting represents the following picture. Marketing department blames finance department for their failure as the funds are not furnished as required and the finance department revert again with the same argument concerning marketing department as they fail to fulfill their goals regarding a call for stimulation accordingly declining focused revenue. In the end result of this, marketing department operates in its own confined location consequently overall performance emerge as marginalized whereas the finance department operates with its own priorities and boundaries no matter imagining the bad effect of this in term of lack of marketplace percentage and stale-path sales. Integration of marketing and finance departments’ manner moving from cost to contribution. This could make the remedy in opposition to the conflicts that stand up between departments because the targets of the both department turn out to be similar. Finance department enter in the advertising and marketing department may be productive and may assist in boosting ordinary enterprise price. Thus integration of finance and marketing department, the employees of both departments grow to be informed approximately the purposeful areas other than their very own. Each one tries to make use of their skills in know-how the techniques and mold those strategies into overall financial performance.

The following are the solutions to integrate these two departments as to consider marketing cost as an investment. The return on investment (ROI) should be transformed into market rate on investment (MROI). By focusing on maximizing shareholder’s value, bifurcating long term and short term marketing investment, by setting a benchmark for marketing department with respect to one of best industrial practice. The crux is both departments have to improve internal communication. Marketers appear to be the wonderful communicators but they totally fail to make use of this ability internally, with their personal finance department. 

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