Is Cloud Computing Secure

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Advising clients to migrate to cloud from desktop use is quite a major request. The security of their financial data is one of the major concerns. The cloud is one of the safest ways of storing information since no data locally exists; all of it is online and protected through powerful encryption; a safer storage method than having data on local hard drives.

Analysis of various scenarios

A lost or stolen computer

If in case a client lost a laptop, their accounting data would still be secure through the cloud accounting software. It would be greatly inconveniencing to lose a laptop though losing a traditional laptop containing accounting data software would be catastrophic.

Natural disaster

In case there is an office fire or natural disaster, clients cannot lose their work time by using the cloud accounting software. Their data will be secure while stored online as they can access their information via the internet. However, they cannot be able to access their data for weeks or days to come.

Data backup

Computers are machines that are very fragile. Operating systems may crash, hard drives can stop functioning while software may have bugs which users may mistake about. Having backups is very important in order for you to get back to the saved point if necessary. However, through the cloud software, this is done for you automatically. With the traditional accounting software, it is your IT team or you who have to make backups regularly. Your client is in control when using the cloud computing software. It is them who decide who views data and their access level is controlled. The cloud is the most secure place for the client’s data.

Working together with your client

Nowadays, businesses move very fast. If you have to keep up, it is important that one uses cloud technology since the cloud enables one to work harmoniously with clients, advisors and teams. The result is that there is a chance for truly partnering with clients to offer real time services that are of high quality. This helps the clients to be efficient and more productive.

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