A Concussion From The Cyber World – E-Filing Mishaps

Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Print Email

With the onset of globalization, the cyber criminals have developed new ways to mess up your e-filing returns in the sphere of income tax.

A really unfortunate broadcast is spreading its wings and people who are into their e-filing strategies are really worried. The IRS is really concerned about the fact that the e-filing returns which are prepared might be cheated by the hackers. It has even advised to the people about the steps which should be taken if the electronic filing identification number (EIFN) is given online. E-filing is now considered as the indispensable aspect for all the taxpayers. The IRS has designed a very suitable way to obtain your EIFN number. Just go through a list of security checks online and fill up a form.

Be alert of the hackers. Check and recheck all the e-filing returns you have filed online. Once you are through with everything then you can expect nothing to happen. If you see a mismatch you can firmly believe that your EIFN number is used by someone else to gain access. Always remember that compromising with your EIFN can land you into a great trouble between you and your clients. If you find your EIFN is compromised then you should rush to your nearest phone booth or reach out for your cell phone and dial (866) 255-0654 which is the toll free number of IRS and complain.

In any case if you find a complete support of an IRS executive then you should ask for a new EIFN number. The previous EIFN number should be disabled and when you are trying to visit any client then you should mention it in black and white that your EIFN number is disabled and the new number is put in its place. If the EIFN number is used by someone intentionally to tarnish your image or to cheat you then take a legal help immediately. IRS will also notify those persons who are engaged in comprising with the EIFN numbers. Don’t be surprised with a number of early tax filing returns if you can’t get the hackers at bay. If you can’t tackle the things online then it is better not to do it in the online way. Don’t disclose your EIFN number even to a close friend for better privacy. 

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