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Bribery is the biggest evil for any community and it also impacts the overall economy of that region. Bribery is defined as the gift granted to any individual, community or the organization for which in against the person who granted the gift ask for some favor. The favor usually which are asked by the person who granted the gift are illegal, which is against eh merit system or it can be the short cut method of achieving something for which the rules and other regulations are not been followed. Bribery kills the faith among the person and thus the whole community becomes money hunger.

Bribery discourages the welfare system in that region where it is made and thus everyone stands in the line for the lust of money. Bribery makes the economy a “capitalized economy”, here the rich becomes richer and as there is no welfare and merit system for the poor now, thus melting down the whole economy.

Bribery includes two parties i.e. the active bribe and the passive bribe. Active bribe is actually a person, group or an organization which grants or promises to give the money or any other thing to the individual or the organization from whom the favor will be asked. In short, the Active bribe is the persons who offer the bribe and grant the money to the second party, and in against they ask for any favor.

On the other hand, the passive bribe is that party which accepts the gifts from the active bribe party and in return they give some favor to them. The favor can be of any types which are asked by the active bribers. For example: A person gives money to the police and in against that person asks him that now to impose fines on him. Here the person is doing active bribe who gifts the money and ask for the favor and police is doing passive bribe who accepts the gift or money and do what the person has asked for. 

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