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Kickback is considered to be a part of the bribe. Kickback is actually a job which is performed by the person or the organization which is considered to be bribed. In other words, the favor which is done by the passive bribe partner against the money or the granting of the gift. This process is totally unlawful and against the moral values and ethics. Kickbacks and bribery both harms the public especially to the poor class whose prosperity and progress only lies on the merit system. Moreover, the kickbacks and the bribery impact the welfare system and have the impact on the overall economy too.

Kickback is actually a favor which is asked by active bribe maker, in against usually they pay money or grant some sort of gifts. They make their desire for the particular party or a person that they need a favor for it. When the favor is given to the active briber, this process is known to be kickback. The word Kickback derives from the point of view of the bribe, kickback means the favor which they got back for the favor they have given to them. The whole bribery process is profitable for both active and passive bribers but the faith among them vanishes and the money making evil exists in them, they now become the money making monsters who on the other hand kill the welfare and the merit system in the state.

The growth rate of the bribery and its kickbacks are increasing and we can also experience it in the society where we live, even most prominent companies and other posh persons involve in it. Everybody of today's era seeks for the making money in the short cut way, this need leads him to break the laws and playing with its faith. Society should make some strong amendments and also the lawmakers to and they should opt a strict punishment rule for the bribers. 

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