ReadyRatios Software Manual

Database and Reports Archive


The "Database" is the storage of tables containing source data. Saving filled tables to the database is performed either on the form page by clicking the "Save to database" button, or automatically after clicking the "Generate analytical report" button (if the report parameters are set to the "Save statements to database before analysis start" option).

The program has a filter to make it easier to search the database for relevant records. In addition, entries in the table can be sorted by specified columns by clicking on the column header.

To access the data (i.e. to load it into a data entry spreadsheet), users should click on the square button on the right-hand side or simply double-click on the desired row.


Reports Archive

  The generated report can be saved in the "Reports" database. To do this, you should select "Open report in internal editor" when creating the report, and then click the "Save" button in the editor toolbar. When saving a report, you can enter a short comment.

To make it easier to find the desired report, the program has a filter. In addition, reports can be listed in order in the respective column by clicking on the column header.

To open a report in the program editor, you should click the square button on the right or simply double-click the desired row.

If the report template has a rating option, it will be displayed in the "Rating" column. A summary of the statistics by rating of the companies whose reports are stored in the database can be viewed in the "Statistics" section.


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