Tax Extenders Bill passed by the Committee of Senate Finance

Saturday, July 25, 2015 Print Email

On Tuesday, a tax extenders bill was passed by the Senate Finance Committee through a bipartisan vote of 23 -3 which extends to more than fifty breaks for a period of two years.

The Finance Committee today innovated a bipartisan bill that is aimed in helping both businesses and families. In allowing members of the Committee to work according to their will, several supported provisions of tax were successfully passed which will offer certainty of tax codes for the following two years. We anticipate working together in a bipartisan fashion in order to pass the legislation of tax extension.

Several tax breaks extended this bill which expired at the end of the previous year. The Congress only succeeded in passing tax breaks for some two extra weeks last December and for the rest of 2014, just retroactively. This enabled the procession of the tax season without the need of creating new forms by IRS.

Included in the package of bipartisan tax are the provisions in assisting individuals, families and also small businesses. The provisions that were popular are the $ 250 tax deduction above the line for teachers as well as other school professionals. It also entailed expenses incurred or paid for supplies, books, mortgage debt relief and parking benefits among others.

Hatch said that all these provisions of tax are intended to be incentives for promoting and encouraging some particular activities. They will not be considered as doing anything good in case they expire. This being the situation, this package requires to be moved forward soonest. The extenders package entails provision that will help families, small businesses and families that are hard working. While some will write off extenders of tax as freebies of dollars of special interests, in this package, most of the extenders go towards provisions that are applicable widely. To be precise, 51 % of these dollars in the bill is attributable to the research and development tax credit, expensing of small businesses, local sales deduction of tax, depreciating bonus and financing income that is active.

Also included in the package are the extenders for several tax breaks that are energy related including ethanol, biodiesel, tax breaks that are energy related and wind energy. The panel of the senate praised the American Institute of CPA as a result of advancing the package of tax extension.

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